Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I turn myself around,
and I place my butt,
to offer my help aloud,
since your face is hot.

Then I lick my rear,
to catch wind when it speaks,
also to trick your ears,
and spread the wind on your cheeks.

Blue hired me to write something that rhymes about something he likes to do for Mari.  Indy saved his bone from yesterday and wanted Mari to break it in half so he could share it with Blue.  

Well, Mothers Day is about to pass and the doggies enjoyed it.  They were left alone while we went out to Denny's for breakfast and they did not destroy anything.  Later in the afternoon they went with me to get the mail and then Mari, them and I walked around the lake during late afternoon hours.  I had Indy on a leash while Blue roamed free and to Mari, who almost never goes behind with us, it seemed unfair.  Indy was suffering as she put it.  I took him off and I called it to a second when he would jump into the water and start swimming.  

Later we just hosed them down and waited outside with them until they got dry. 

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