Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue the Boldilocks

We came back from Inspired to encounter this great welcoming board.  Blue was almost howling, Indy was grabbing our arms and trying to get us down and it was great. The first things we looked for when we saw them were the Indies bold chin and Blues paint covered fur.  We debated and debated on what to do and we simply assessed the situation: Blue had a problem with but glands, had a crust under his eye, paint in his fur, and nails huge.  Indy on the other hand just had the chin breaking out full of pimples.  The decision was made: We were going to the vet. 

Weight Info: Blue is down one pound to 62 lbs.
                       Indy is down 3 pounds to 75lbs.

Conclusion: We fought with Indy to get a scrape of his chin pimples and that took 3 people.  Blue had his but glands squeezed. nails clipped and a HAIRCUT...

We were simply scared to make things worse by trying to take it out by ourselves but if you are brave enough this is the link that explains some thing. CLICK HERE

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