Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do not worry: I'm not giving up on the blog.  I've just been enjoying my doggy company so much lately that I run as much as they do and then I sleep as much as they do.  Currently, after a short walk in 90 degree weather, the doggies are sleeping so I put some effort into writing this post.

Here is a picture of Blue and Alfredo having a conversation. Unfortunately, neither Alfredo or any "humans" in the house have mastered the Blue talk.  There are a couple of different schools of thought on what Blue wants when he jumps up to the counter and I will share mine with you.

-I've noticed that Blue expresses himself through face licking.  He is not a leaner or a "lay and pet me" type of a dog.  When he welcomes you in the house he would keep jumping to your face trying to show his hospitality.  So one explanation for his behavior here is the "kiss-lick a face"

-Another possibility is his constant search for food.  That is a shared belief in this house.

Either way, Blue does it and as cute as it is, sometimes it can be hazardous especially during lunch time.

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  1. That is too funny, Caleb was just having a full on coversation with John. When he talks he sounds like a monkey!!! And we just haven't mastered the language of Caleb. He will also lick John's face til it's raw, but never licks me in the face. Must be the makeup.