Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pet Planet Magazine

Almost a month after the last blog post.  Many things have happened since; with us and of course with the doggies.  I'm going to list some of the most important things this month

1.  Mari's Bday
2. Dean's Bday
3.  Blue gets on steroids
4.  Blue's steroid dosage keeps decreasing
5.  Marianna started teaching at her Scrappy B
6.  Indy left us another "present" at the futon
7.  Dean got a job
8.  Pet Planet Magazine published Blue's picture
9. World Cup
10. Dean goes without a soda for a month

I have worked on numerous projects including the pups and all of them you can find on my or their facebook accounts.  You can say that I've been blogspot lazy.  Nevertheless this isn't the only hold up.  Since I've decided to create my flickr page the background images for the blog disappeared.

Now, for the story of the day:  Pet Planet.  I've sent them pictures of dogs, both Indy and Blue, and we waited and waited and waited and scavenged all Publexes in the area until we finally found some copies of the summer edition.  But guess what: they omitted the black dog.  Indy was nowhere to be found.  They put some weird pictures but why put some pro looking ones right? I wasn't mad as I was disappointed in the editors.

I was told that both of them would be included.  The issue was printed and there is no point of fighting now.  Not for me though.  Indigo had some moments of clarity for himself.

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