Friday, June 4, 2010

Marianna's Birthday!!!!

Some days just have a certain feeling, you know.  Holidays mostly, and weekends.  But today started off just like any other day.  But secretly, everyone knew that it was a day to celebrate a birthday of one such special human being who happen to be sharing her life with me.

As we woke up, fed the dogs and did our morning routine (blogs, emails, FB) we realized that the weather outside is amazing.  None of that oven Florida Sun but a cloud covered sky, a interlude for a storm.  But we have couple of hours till it pours, it's Florida, it pours at 1 or at 3.  I can set my watch according to this phenomena.

So we showered and took the dogs to Panera Bread.  Mari had some peacon bread while I sipped on the worlds greatest Raspberry Tea.

As we started enjoying the weather, sprinkle turned into a pour.  We reached the car before the Earth's Shower but we did ended up with some wet spots.

We had an amazing lunch afterwards which Mariangela prepared and alfredo actually went and bought a cake.  I broke my chocolate promise but I'm such a weak man:  what can you do?!
She will kill me for posting this picture but what 
 the heck!!!
We took a nap after lunch and as I woke up, Mari was heading to work: Crop at the Scrappy Boutique.  she was so excited since most of her friends were going to be there and there would be cake and so on and so on.

I stayed home, continued applying for jobs and then I took the doggies for a walk.  Here are some of tonight s pictures:

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