Thursday, May 27, 2010


How safe is it? Shouldn't you put a seat belt on him? What if IF?
All these are legitimate questions for any dog except Blue and any driver except me. Accidents do happen and being ready and prepared will decrease the injury.  That is what I sincerely advise all people to do.  If you have a rat-dog or a cat-dog place them in their seats or stuff them down your purse, which ever is more economical for you. 

Here are some excuses why I do it:
Blue does not suffer from motion sickness-If I tell him to go back, he goes-no shotgun on highways-no window open at the passenger seat- no driving in the front in stop and go traffic (statistically this is when the most accidents happen)-no driving in the front when i'm distracted, depressed or tired!

There ya go....

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