Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Paws


Happy Paws took care of our puppies today: the first time for Indy to spend an entire day away from us since we got him and the first time they are away from us together.

Happy Paws has a bunch of webcams and with Alfredo's help, who took an enormous amount of snapshots, we bring you Blue's and Indies integration into the pack.  (So well integrated that I can not recognize them on the snapshots)
Mari said it right: We felt like parents trying to get our children into an elite preschool.  The screening process the dogs went under was short and painless and as soon as they saw what gentle souls they are, they were taken in.

Now: In occasions like this you often wonder: Are you good enough for your dog? Do you exercise him enough, play with him, feed him right, etc.  I said that the doggies, on the way back home, where not sad because they are missing Happy Paws but because they do not want to go home.

I strongly recommend this place: When we picked them up, the puppy staff was courteous enough to give us a tour and I might say that I wouldn't mind being boarded there.

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  1. wow, I love the web cam pictures! thanks for the review Dean!