Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alfredo's Chicken Treats and Toys

Papi brought new toys,
puppies jumped of joy,
Papi brought a plastic bag,
puppies had tactics: SNAG
pull and rip apart
and start to strip,
drool on lips was smart
now hard is their grip....

Everything they tear it's in the air like a flare but would land on the stairs along with a rare hair! All we can do is stare and guess where pieces of bare material would land-THERE..and THERE...and on the CHAIR!

On a serious note, a recent article I read from Humane Society said that "For dogs and other animal companions, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity."

"Toys help fight boredom in dogs left alone, and toys can even help prevent some problem behaviors from developing."

In conclusion, like Blue says: "Without toys, life is RUFF"  Well, I said "without the toys, life is" but he said the rest.

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